Back at it

Well, we finished up our first week of rehearsals back at My Fair Lady. There were so many wonderful, familiar faces (some I hadn’t seen since we finished tour!), and a few that were very much missed. One in particular actually.
However, our new cast and crew mates are delightful, so talented and are already giving so much to this show.
A few people have been asking if lines, music, blocking etc. were coming back pretty easily. I think Jesse (mrs. Pierce) put it best when she said, it’s like riding a bike. I was genuinely amazed at how naturally things have come back to my brain. It is crazy pants amazing. In fact, it got me thinking, if my body and brain can remember things almost perfectly that I haven’t done in almost 2 years, what else are they storing in their incredible external hard drives. But that’s a totally different subject for another day.

Davenport Studios, where we have been rehearsing for the last week.

Davenport Studios, where we have been rehearsing for the last week.

What has been the most exciting to me this week is getting to come back to this show, these people, this role and have another go at it. Not that it wasn’t a great experience before. But really though, how often in life do you get the opportunity to revisit an experience that was so formative? I learned so much from playing the role of Eliza Doolittle and to get to do it again with just a little bit more perspective is a treat. One I am very grateful for.

Something that I was re-struck by this week for probably the hundredth time was how powerful the simple principle of work is. This is not because I’m an expert on the subject. I just watched my friends and colleagues working hard; paying attention to what was needed and then giving it. And I was reminded, once again, how vital is is to just work hard. When it comes down to it you either do something or you don’t. So do it. That’s my sermon. Amen.

Well, those are some of my musings. In other news, but not really, I’m working on packing and if anyone has any tips or must haves please send your list my way. I’m also putting together a google doc/group for our cast with useful info that I find and I would love anybody’s thoughts.

Have a lovely Sunday everybody, enjoy the day, wherever you are.